Clueless has heard it said that “we cannot control the direction of the wind but
we can adjust our sails.”  So it is when God decides to put the wind at our backs,
we must proceed in the direction he indicates, regardless.  Regardless?  Yes.
Regardless of whether we are ready to do so or whether we know exactly how we
are to physically manage the sails.  Oh, and did I mention a tendency of getting sea

To Clueless, the concept of God directing us to do anything has always been a
mere story in the Bible.  Like Saul’s experience as he was blinded yet he followed
God’s instructions to walk in a “new direction” eventually being renamed “Paul.”
Acts 9:3-9; Acts 13:9. Clueless doesn’t know if she will be renamed but the wind at
her back right now is strong and steady.  And for the immediate future, all
appears to be smooth sailing without a cloud in the sky to mar the day.  Sounds
like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?  All that is missing is the ending prophecy, “and they
lived happily ever after.”

However, Clueless is also working through several new revelations about life
changes.  First, it is early spring, and all about us life is renewing, awakening and
growing.  The old is replaced with the new.  Second, it is Easter, and “JESUS IS
RISEN” was the refrain sung in churches everywhere on Sunday.  Life is confirmed
through eternity with Jesus, our Lord.  And, third, Ecclesiastes 3 confirms there is
a season for all things on the earth.  Yet some things do end on earth and in the
ending, life as we have known it morphs into an entirely new “season” of
circumstances, situations and life conditions.  Somewhere between the promise
of spring renewal and eternal life with God in heaven, life can get a bit
complicated and messy, even a bit damp, as we mere mortals attempt to adjust
to these changes.

What Clueless is attempting to come to terms with is experiencing the bittersweet
memories associated with the loss mere weeks apart of several friends,
including a much-beloved family pet.  How is it one can be really excited about
receiving obvious answers to prayers when, at the same time, sorrow lingers
through memories of loved ones. Clueless continues to find comfort in reading
Ecclesiastes 3 even as she attempts to manhandle those heavy sails.  With God’s
help, all things are possible, especially in the spring.

Your sister in faith,

The Clueless Christian