Have you ever noticed that when God answers a prayer, there seems to be an
equal but surprising adjustment in your perspective of life? Now the prayer in
question was not one that was uttered every day in personal prayer but one of
those off-the-cuff prayers. You know the kind I mean: the one mouthed silently
while waiting for the elevator; in traffic or just glancing outside. It is the one that
isn’t really a prayer but actually is a desire of the heart.
God heard it: once; twice and probably thrice. Not really a prayer but a
“wouldn’t it be cool if . . .” kind of conversation with God communicated after
office hours! And God answered it! Even His Holy Spirit got into the game and
coordinated all activities so that the prayer response delivered the right results in
a manner that provided the greatest impact! Wow!
Did Clueless realize it was happening at the time it occurred? No. It was a day or
so later that Clueless settled down enough to begin realizing how that event
provided information that changed how she interpreted things. What is amazing
is that even with this adjusted interpretation of life revealing itself in this world,
there is a war going on inside. Do you realize that Satan doesn’t want us to
change? Even as God’s children grow and mature in their faith, Satan waits for
the opportunity to interfere. Do you know what is even more of a surprise? I
prefer God’s viewpoint! Satan you are not winning this one!
Clueless has sometimes wondered whether prayer really works. There I said it!
Ask me now and I will shout it out loud. GOD ANSWERS YOUR AND MY PRAYERS!
So when Pastor Tracy announced that next Sunday will be a day of prayer instead
of the traditional Sunday service, Clueless wanted to jump for joy!
Buckle your seatbelts, God is willing and ready to delivered results. Pray on
Your sister in faith,

The Clueless Christian