Has anyone seen my blankie?  It has been a rough few months and I feel like a squashed bug LOOKS!  WHERE IS MY BLANKIE!  Oh, rats!! I am not a kid anymore.  In fact, I haven’t been a kid in sometime.

  Well that certainly is an exhilarating thought to start the day.  Yes, it is barely daylight and worldly issues are already demanding my attention.  When the world was normal, one was allowed to leave home to go to a work place.  Then upon leaving at day’s end, one was allowed to leave all stress and related work-stuff at the office to return to a place of welcome, joy and relaxation:  one’s home.  Oh, how life has changed.  Merely stepping from one room into another does not create the space nor time needed to defuse from one environment to another.  Oh, goodness what is one to do?

  Who do I know who might have had an experience where the job and home life collided?  One look at the calendar brings to mind one such individual about whom it could be said that he experienced similar stress.  Jesus.  Think about it.  His job was to preach the word of God to the people.  Not only was he the son of God but truly man with all the frailties of the human body.  His was a job and a lifestyle combined uniquely.  How could he not crave space to restore inner calm, peace, courage and strength.  Okay, maybe a stretch in thinking but it does give one pause.

  When all about me, things seem to be going to h _ _ _ in a hand basket, I can and do take comfort in knowing that I do not have to frantically search around for the perfect way to handle stress.  I already know what to do.  Just like Jesus did, I pray to God.  A bit simplistic; perhaps, but true.  Read Luke 22, 39-44 about Jesus on the Mount of Olives.  The son of God and man became an individual facing an extreme death; praying to God!  Does Jesus know what anguish, stress, trauma and drama are all about?  Reread verse 44!

  Doesn’t that make you want to turn to the last page to see what happens?  Clueless did, but will not give away the ending.  See you in Church Easter Sunday to hear the full story! 

Your sister in faith,

The Clueless Christian